Surgical Oncology Services

on May 21, 2013
To confirm you do have cancer, sometimes a biopsy is necessary, which is the surgical removal of a small section of the questionable area so it can be examined under the microscope.  For some cancers, this can be done in the doctor's office, while others you may have to come to the hospital.

After confirming your diagnosis, one treatment option you may have is the surgical removal of the cancer.  The surgical removal of a tumor, such as a breast lump, a prostatectomy or a cancerous section of the colon, can occur at several stages of your treatment. Often it happens as the first phase of your treatment.

If you know you need surgery but have not chosen a surgeon yet, click here to find a surgeon on Baton Rouge General's medical staff.  

Picking A Surgeon 
After your cancer diagnosis, your first instinct may be to rush into choosing a physician so you can begin treatment immediately.  For many cancer patients, there is enough time before treatment is needed to properly choose the physician who makes you feel the most comfortable and confident.  Upon your diagnosis, ask your doctor if immediate treatment is necessary, or if you have time to look thoroughly at your options. 

When it comes time to choose your surgeon, here are some things to consider: 
  • Do they have experience with your type of cancer?
  • Is this physician a member of your health plan?
  • Does this physician have privileges at the hospital or treatment center where you want to go?
  • How do you feel about them personally?  Do you like their personality and demeanor?
  • Do you know anyone else who has used this physician in the past?  What was their experience?
  • Are they Board Certified?
Once you get a chance to meet with a few surgeons, you may also think back to the way you felt during your visit.  Were you able to easily understand them?  Did they answer your questions?  Did you feel respected?  These are all things to consider when choosing a physician, but the most important attribute to look for is someone you feel you can trust with your care.

Surgical Services At Baton Rouge General 
Baton Rouge General is home to state-of-the-art surgical services at both campuses.  Between our two hospitals, we hold 20 surgical suites, all of which are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by staff members who are cross-trained in all services.  And for those in need of same-day surgery, our dedicated outpatient suites provide comfort and convenience during your short stay. 

For more information on arranging your cancer surgery at Baton Rouge General, please call (225) 237-1600, or email