Best Kept Secret

Best Kept Secret

We’re so happy you found us – because when it comes to a truly exceptional birthing experience in Baton Rouge, you’ll quickly realize why women are choosing Baton Rouge General Birth Center for the birth of their babies. We understand that you want your birthing experience to be personal and private, with individual attention for you and your family. You also expect the most comprehensive medical care – for baby and for you – under one roof. Welcome to Baton Rouge General Birth Center. We’ve been expecting you.

Our suites bring together state-of-the-art technology and hotel-like rooms to all of our new moms. You can take a look at our rooms through our tour video or you can join us at one of our Tour for Two (or more!) classes. Our certified Birth Center staff can also provide you with all the tips, tools and techniques you need for caring for your new bundle of joy at home through our childbirth education classes. We will work with you to realize your baby's incredible capabilities and teach you how to properly care for your little miracle.

During your stay with us, you will have full access to our many services, including our GIFT Certified Breastfeeding Center. Our staff will ensure that you and your baby are comfortable and content through our one-on-one training sessions in the privacy of your room. We also offer a Breastfeeding Basics class to help you get comfortable with techniques prior to baby’s arrival. Our staff is here to support you as a new mom and is available during and after your hospital stay to answer questions and be your guide through this amazing bonding experience.

During your pregnancy, there are so many amazing miracles taking place in your body and to your baby. Each trimester is filled with exciting new changes. It is important that you see your OB/GYN throughout your pregnancy. If you do not have one, we can help you find one of our caring physicians to be a part of your journey.

While preparing for the arrival of your baby, you will want to make sure you fill out your Pre-Admission Forms. These forms will help to expedite your time in Pre-Admit. You may also be curious about what you should pack for your stay in the hospital. We will provide you with diapers, formula and other toiletries, but our what to bring list also includes a few more items that you might want to bring with you for comfort.

For more information about our Birth Center, please email .

Baton Rouge General’s Birth Center staff is prepared and experienced for all different types of delivery. We encourage you to create a birth plan with your physician and call to speak with us to discuss it and any special needs that you might need during delivery. 

Some of the options that we have available to laboring mothers include:

  • Birthing balls
  • Squat bars
  • Trained staff to help with positioning, and counter pressure
  • Portable fetal heart monitoring
  • Intermittent monitoring
  • IV heplock
  • Beds with breakaway positioning
  • Skin-to-skin contact directly after birth
  • Initiating breast feeding within the first hour after birth
  • Rooming-in for bonding
  • Doulas permitted

If you are interested in laboring or delivering in the water, it is important that you contact your physician to create a birth plan.  Please have your doctor’s office fax signed birth plans to 225-763-4142.

A complete tub kit can be rented by contacting AquaBirth.  Your tub will be delivered to Baton Rouge General Medical Center for storage until your big day. To inquire about pricing and ensure availability, it is preferred that you contact AquaBirth at at least three weeks prior to your due date. 

Sometimes, situations do arise and birth plans are unable to be followed due to health concerns.  Please rest assured that our main goal and focus will always be to keep mom and baby’s health and well-being in mind at all times. 

To speak with one of our Birth Center staff members about your birth plan, please call (225) 763-4141 or email

In the event a newborn requires specialized intensive care services, parents can rest assured their little one will be well taken care of in our Certified Level III Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). We are fully equipped with a team of highly skilled and board certified neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners and nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers and developmental practitioners. Services include 24-hour in-house presence of advanced practice neonatal nurse practitioners and access to numerous pediatric sub-specialties including physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists. Together, we are dedicated to giving babies and families the specialized care and attention they may need.

Our state of the art NICU features a stress-free and quiet environment for our infants and is modeled to encourage development as well as to encourage family involvement. Generous visitation hours are offered and encouraged for both parents and siblings. Full parental involvement means that you receive thorough information on your baby’s treatment and progress. Not only are parents fully involved in their baby’s care, but with the NICU located within the Birth Center, they also are never more than a few steps away.

Parents of our NICU babies are also given the opportunity to room-in prior to bringing their baby home.  This allows parents the opportunity to take care of their baby while still utilizing the assistance of our NICU team, helping to ease any fears that they might have about caring for baby once they arrive home. 

For more questions or more information about our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, please call (225) 763-4145. 

As part of our commitment to caring for you and your baby, you will have full access to Baton Rouge General's Guided Infant Feeding Techniques (GIFT) Certified Breastfeeding Support Team. Breastfeeding is a personal choice, and if this is the method you choose, our highly trained lactation nurses are available to help you and your baby learn everything you need to know. 

Our staff will make sure you and your baby are comfortable and content. After all, we are here to support you as a new mom. We're available during and after your hospital stay to answer questions and be your personal guide through this amazing bonding experience with your little one.

To learn more about breastfeeding before your baby arrives, we offer a Breastfeeding Basics class to help with the basics of breastfeeding, importance of an early start, proper positioning, latch and more.  For information about the benefits of breastfeeding click here.  If you have any questions about our GIFT Certified Breastfeeding Center, call (225) 763-4127 or send an email to

Pregnancy can create anxiety for some new parents, but it's also one of the most rewarding times of your life. Through intimate, hands-on workshops, our certified Birth Center staff shares with you all the tools, tips and techniques you need to care for your little one and enjoy this very special time. Click on a class date to register.

Tour for Two (or more!)

Moms and Dads (and baby, too!) are invited to tour our beautiful Birth Center. You’ll become acquainted with our hospital and Birth Center, which is well-known for its luxurious and spacious mother/baby suites, as well as its caring staff members. Tours are free and refreshments are included.

Childbirth Preparation

The thought of childbirth can be daunting, but our registered nurses will teach you all you need to know. You will learn the basics of labor and birth, including pregnancy changes, nutrition and relaxation techniques. We encourage you to bring a partner to this workshop ($50 per couple).

Breastfeeding Basics 

Breastfeeding is a personal choice and new moms who opt to nurse their newborns will want to take this class. You will learn about the advantages of breastfeeding, how to care for yourself while you're breastfeeding, and proper breastfeeding techniques. We encourage you to bring a partner to this workshop ($30 per couple).

Baby Care Basics 

Let us help you prepare for the "Now what?" phase of going home with your newborn. We'll teach you all you need to know to care for your newborn once you no longer have a full-time nurse on hand. We encourage you to bring a partner ($30 per couple).

CPR for Friends & Family

What would you do if your child started choking? In this workshop, you and your family will learn how to perform CPR rescue and how to deal with foreign body airway obstruction in infants and children ($25 per person or $30 per couple).

For questions or more information about any of our classes, please call (225) 763-4280 or email

Safe Place

is a national outreach program designed to provide immediate assistance to youth in crisis by creating a network of Safe Place sites throughout the community. One in seven children, between the ages of 10 and 18, will run away from home. This is an alarming statistic, which is why the General volunteered as one of the first Safe Place sites in Baton Rouge, opening our doors to self-referring youth needing assistance.

Baton Rouge General is also a designated safe baby site, or Safe Haven. This means that any parent may anonymously leave his or her infant child, with the intent of placing the child for adoption, without fear of prosecution. In order to meet the criteria for Safe Haven, the child must be given to a hospital employee and not simply left unattended.

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