Heart & Vascular Services

There is something special about taking care of people. And during a stroke or a heart attack, the team at Baton Rouge General's Womack Heart Center surrounding you makes all the difference. At the General, you'll find a place where state-of-the-art technology meets exceptional talent and compassion.

Womack Heart Center

Our heart and vascular program brings together comprehensive cardiac and vascular services all under one roof. Nationally recognized for excellence in heart and vascular care as Baton Rouge's only Joint Commission "Top-Performer" Hospital for Heart Attack and Heart Failure - Baton Rouge General's expert teams offer leading edge treatment, technology and services. 

  • Full spectrum of multidisciplinary diabetes, lipid, cardiac, vascular and cardio thoracic experts and specialists
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging technology & testing
  • Advanced heart catheterization labs
  • Dedicated heart operating rooms
  • Expanded surgical space, including hybrid operating suite for minimally invasive interventions
  • 24-hour Emergency Room
  • Comprehensive stroke services
  • Fully monitored intensive care and telemetry units
  • Cardiovascular recovery area
  • Inpatient & outpatient cardiac rehabilitation programs
  • Limbs for Life program
  • Screenings and early detection
  • Prevention programs, including Smoking Cessation courses

For more information about Baton Rouge General's Womack Heart Center, please call (225) 819-1161.

Baton Rouge General offers a cardiac rehabilitation program to help you regain a healthy and energetic lifestyle and to lower your risk for future heart complications. Studies show that patients who receive cardiac rehabilitation have better outcomes including fewer bypass surgeries and nonfatal heart attacks. 

Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically supervised program to help you recover after a heart attack, heart surgery or heart disease. The program is open to everyone, including people who have not had any heart complications, but would like a little more medical supervision and guidance during their workout.  

Our highly trained medical staff, who supervise and customize your therapy, will guide you through a comprehensive program focused on helping you regain your strength and reduce your risk of future heart complications.

Because of the significant impact cardiac reconditioning can have on patients who take advantage of it, cardiac reconditioning/rehabilitation is now covered under most insurance plans, including Medicare.

Baton Rouge General's 12-week cardiac reconditioning program includes:
  • A customized plan designed specifically to be safe and effective for you.  Our highly skilled therapists will continuously monitor your condition and progress to ensure you are getting stronger and healthier.
  • Tailored exercise routines using walking, cycling and other cardiovascular activities that will help strengthen your heart. Your sessions are customized for your level and your therapist will ensure you are safely and properly exercising at all times.
  • A healthy eating plan developed by registered dietitians who will work with you to ensure your diet plan fits your lifestyle. They will also motivate you, track your progress and  help you find ways to stick with it.
  • Emotional support from our therapists who understand that dealing with heart disease can sometimes cause depression, fear, anxiety or stress. Our trained counselors will help you and your family cope with these feelings and find comfort in your new, healthy lifestyle.
For more information about the General's cardiac rehabilitation program, please call (225) 819-1161.

As a regional leader in heart care, Baton Rouge General's Womack Heart Center proudly offers highly specialized lipid (cholesterol) services, housed in our outpatient tower on the Bluebonnet campus.  Working collaboratively with our hospital team of experts, Dr. Robert St. Amant, Diplomate, American Board of Clinical Lipidology, offers providers and patients in our region the opportunity to receive extensive consultation and treatment recommendations for one of the most important causes of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) - hyperlipidemia or abnormal cholesterol.

For patients, lipid consultation and treatment services at Baton Rouge General are designed to support the care you are currently receiving from your primary care doctor, and if applicable, your cardiologist. If you are not currently being treated by anyone, please click here to find a physician.

Lipid services include:

  • Lipid disorder consultation
  • Advanced lipid and lab testing, diagnosis and management as indicated
  • Imaging and other hospital services
  • Cardiovascular risk analysis
  • Collaboration with primary care and cardiology providers
  • Lipid disorder diagnosis and management
  • Combination lipid lowering medication options, including non-statin alternatives
  • Inpatient and outpatient physical therapy services
  • Counseling support on diet, exercise and smoking cessation
  • Cardiac rehabilitation 
For more information about the Lipid services available at Baton Rouge General or to schedule a consultation or appointment, please call (225) 819-1161. Most insurances are accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid. 

Baton Rouge General encourages our community to love their heart by knowing their individual risk factors, seeing their physician regularly, eating right, and staying active. Walking is one of the simplest steps we can take to improve our heart health – individuals are more likely to stick with a walking program than other exercise routines. We invite the community to walk around our new health mile at the Bluebonnet campus or get some friends together a start a walking club. Grab a pair of tennis shoes and start walking today!

Here are some ways we can help you LOVE your heart!