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New Biplane Room Opens

Surgeons at Baton Rouge General now have access to the latest biplane angiography for neuro and vascular diagnostic and interventional procedures. The new biplane room opened this month at the hospital’s Bluebonnet campus. Compared to conventional angiography, the biplane displays images on two planes simultaneously – providing physicians a highly detailed 3D picture of the arteries and blood vessels.

"The ability to transition into neuro-interventional treatments decreases the time patients spend in OR and provides superior images of intricate blood vessels in the brain," said neurosurgeon Dr. Greg Fautheree. "We are also able to treat most aneurysms through a small incision in a leg artery rather than open brain surgery which provides an easier recovery for patients."

“The biplane views enhance diagnostic capabilities particularly in complex vascular procedures involving the carotid and aortic arteries,” noted vascular surgeon Dr. Glen Schwartzberg. “It also reduces the amount of contrast needed which is beneficial for diabetic patients whose kidneys may be more vulnerable.”

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