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Program of Study

The Pre-licensure BSN program requires successful completion of 69 hours of prerequisite and core courses and 51 hours of nursing course work.

Students must complete all nursing courses with a grade of C or better. A student is ineligible to continue the program if a grade of D or F is earned in two clinical nursing courses or if a required nonclinical nursing course is failed two times.

First Semester: Fall/Spring

NUR 303: Fundamentals of Nursing 4
NUR 304: Assessment and Health Promotion 4
NUR 309: Introduction to Professional Writing and Informatics 2

Second Semester: Winter/Summer

NUR 310: Nursing of Adult I 6
NUR 307: Pathophysiology 2

Third Semester: Spring/Fall

NUR 312: Women’s and Children’s Health Nursing 6
NUR 313: Consumers of Evidence-Based Practice 2

Total Credit Hours


Year 2

First Semester: Summer/Winter

NUR 311: Gerontological and Psychiatric Nursing 5
NUR 438: Community Health Nursing 3
Nursing Elective 1

Second Semester: Fall/Spring

NUR 426: Adult Health Nursing II 6
NUR 401: Applied Pharmacology: Pharmacotherapeutics Throughout the Lifespan 1
NUR 330: Community Service 1

Third Semester: Winter/Summer

NUR 439: Nursing Management of Client Care 9

Total Credit Hours


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