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Planning for Your Treatment

In the days leading up to your treatment, consider getting extra rest and seeking emotional support. Once your treatment plan is determined, talk to your patient navigator about things you can do to make the appointments easier on your body. For instance, if you have radiation therapy, you may benefit from minimizing time in the sun and using lotions your healthcare team approves to treat your skin.

Your treatment plan will depend on the type of cancer you have, its location, its growth or stage of development, and what type of treatment you have.

Things to remember before your treatment:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Bring your insurance card, ID, medical info
  • Plan rides to and from your appointment
  • Consider bringing something to keep you entertained during your treatment.
  • Bring water and health team-approved snacks
  • Bring a travel-sized pillow
  • Bring a sweater or blanket

Your main caregiver should be someone who is reliable and can offer physical and emotional support - your spouse, partner, parent, adult child, close friend, co-worker, or neighbor. They often serve as home health aides and companions and may need to help feed, dress, and bathe you.

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