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Skilled Care Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is skilled nursing?
Skilled nursing homes are designed to house and assist individuals who have health conditions that require constant monitoring and availability of medical personnel. Our staff can provide 24-hour supervision, meals, activities and health management support for your loved one.

What’s the difference between skilled nursing and assisted living?
Assisted living is best for seniors who need some help with regular everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating, etc. but do not require 24-hour-a-day health care by doctors.

Are there social activities?
Yes. Our multidisciplinary staff includes an Activities Coordinator who works to make sure there is a full calendar of activities and social events for residents.

Are the rooms private or shared?
All our rooms are private allowing for adequate rest and visitation by family and friends.

Will there be amenities like in a typical home?
Yes. There is an on-site washer/dryer and a fully functional simulated house to help with community re-entry training.