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Advanced Robotics Institute

Our team at the Advanced Robotics Institute are leaders in the field of robotic-assisted surgery. Located inside Baton Rouge General’s Pennington Cancer Center, we give patients treatment options that can get them back to their best self.

The Advanced Robotics Institute has a dual focus: general surgery, including gallbladder and hernia repairs, and specialized surgical care for cancer, complex hernia cases and conditions affecting the “foregut,” which, put simply, means the esophagus and stomach.

Become a Patient

Call (225) 333-3800 to schedule an appointment at the Advanced Robotics Institute.

Robotic Surgery Specialties

General Surgery

Gallbladder removal and hernia repair are among the most common surgeries. Performing them robotically means getting you back on your feet sooner.


    Surgical Oncology

    Cancer changes everything. Industry-leading robotic surgeons can help create the best outcomes for your journey.


    Reflux Surgery

    You don’t have to live with constant reflux. Our team has treatments options for your chronic disease of the esophagus and stomach.


      Complex Hernia Surgery

      Robotic surgery is a newer technique for hernia repairs, offering the clearest images of the inside of the abdomen, fewer incisions and less scarring.


      Leaders in Education

      A leader in the field of robotic surgery, John J. Tabor, MD, trains other surgeons across the state and country on robotic assisted procedures. Intuitive Surgical, the creators of the da Vinci surgical system, host robust educational programs for surgeons, providing them with a progressive, surgeon-led series featuring clinical application and advanced techniques. Dr. Tabor travels throughout the country to train surgeons at Intuitive’ s main training centers, including Memorial Hermann’s Surgical Innovation and Robotics Institute.

      If your facility is interested in robotic surgery training, call (225) 333-3800.