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Complex Hernia Surgery

Hernias are most often treated with surgery, typically performed as an open surgery or laparoscopically. Robotic surgery is a newer technique for hernia repairs, offering the clearest images of the inside of the abdomen, fewer incisions and less scarring. At the Advanced Robotics Institute, our team is skilled at performing robotic assisted surgery for various types of hernias.

Some ventral hernias require a more complex repair, with the surgeon separating and restructuring the abdominal wall muscle. Robotic ventral hernia repair is a minimally invasive technique that allows surgeons to repair the hernia through four small incisions, with better visualization and the most precise movements.

An incisional hernia can occur after a person has stomach surgery, which usually involves an incision down the middle of the stomach. If the surgical wound doesn’t heal completely, you could be at a higher risk of developing a hernia.

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