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Hydration Therapy - All Hype or Real Health Benefits?

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Hydration Therapy - All Hype or Real Health Benefits?

Staying hydrated is critical to feeling great and maintaining good health and often times people don’t realize how dehydrated they really are. Whether you had a late night of drinking, are recovering from a bad stomach bug, or have a painful migraine, there are several health benefits to hydration therapy. In fact, if you have ever gone to an emergency room, chances are you were given hydrating fluids in some form or fashion.

Hydration therapy rapidly replenishes fluids in your body in ways that drinking water can’t. A small IV is inserted in your arm so that fluids can be delivered directly into your bloodstream for immediate hydration. If you try to drink water, it may take several hours to rehydrate (depending on how dehydrated you are) because your large intestine absorbs most of the water. Hydration therapy gets you feeling refreshed much faster. Another benefit of hydration therapy is that additional medicine, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants can be added to the basic fluids if you aren’t feeling well. Here are some other great reasons to try hydration therapy:

  • Migraine Relief: IV therapy is an effective way to relieve migraine symptoms. With electrolytes, vitamins, pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications, hydration therapy can provide instant migraine relief.
  • Hangover Cure: After a late night out, it could take 6 – 7 hours to rehydrate by drinking water. By mixing anti-nausea medicine, pain relievers and antioxidants with fluids you will be feeling better in about 45 minutes.
  • Athletic Recovery or Pre-Game: Many athletes will receive a hydration treatment before an athletic event to ensure they are hydrated to optimize their performance. Post-event hydration is also used to help with recovery. Fluids generally contain vitamins, antioxidants and pain relievers to help recharge.
  • Stress Relief: When you are dehydrated, energy levels can plummet leaving you a little foggy. Specific vitamins are combined with fluids to help boost your energy and decrease your stress levels.

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