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Employee Spotlight: A Heartwarming Reunion for a Healthcare Hero

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  • Written By: Baton Rouge General
Employee Spotlight: A Heartwarming Reunion for a Healthcare Hero

Paul Douzat is a registered nurse here at Baton Rouge General. Normally he works in the operating room, but for the past seven weeks he has worked on the COVID unit at Mid City. Along with being dedicated healthcare hero battling on the front lines, Paul is also a father of two young kids, five-year-old Addison and 3-year-old Declan. Back in February, Paul began taking precautions to keep his family safe: showering before leaving the hospital, leaving everything in the garage before entering the house and spraying himself with Lysol. But soon he began working on the COVID unit full-time and had to make the difficult decision to stay at his brother’s house in order to protect immunocompromised Declan.

Paul left early in the morning on March 25th, while his kids were still asleep, headed to jump in and help his fellow nurses on the rapidly opening COVID units. This was the last time he got to hold his wife and children for seven long weeks. They had daily Facetime sessions and one through-the-door hello, but it was tough to say the least. Paul deeply missed coloring and playing games with his family and watching his kids water their vegetable garden over the phone just wasn’t the same. He kept looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Two weeks ago, with surgeries starting up again, Paul was able to return to the operating room in his regular position. And with the 14-day window passed, he was reunited with his family on May 13! Check out the heart-warming reunion video below.