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Vaccine Guilt

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  • Written By: Baton Rouge General
Vaccine Guilt

After a year of waiting, millions of Americans are now getting the opportunity to get vaccinated against COVID. While a lot of people feel nothing but relief, others are hesitant to get their shot because they worry they would be taking a vaccine away from someone who needs it more.

Part of that guilt comes from all of the emotions of the past year. We’ve all become accustomed to calculating risk as we think about visiting family members or attending events. It’s second nature now to think about other people’s health risks as we put on our masks or keep our distance in the grocery store. Now that vaccines are widely available, it’s hard to move on from that mindset. But, there is no need for guilt. Vaccines are no longer in short supply. Thousands of appointments are available daily, even here in Baton Rouge. If you’re eligible for the vaccine and you want to get it – make your appointment. Don’t let guilt stand in your way. There are plenty of vaccines to go around.

Although vaccine eligibility restrictions vary across the U.S., multiple reports have shown that people outside the proposed tiers have been receiving their shots. Usually, these people received shots that were about to expire. Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have a small window of usage once thawed and it’s definitely better for the shots to go in someone’s arm than in the trash. While there’s no need to feel guilt about receiving a vaccine, there’s also no need to shame those who accepted an opportunity to get theirs.

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