Labor & Birth

Delivery Options

With the support of your physician, Baton Rouge General offers many different options for managing labor:

  • Epidural/Spinal Block
  • Unmedicated (natural) childbirth
  • Water/Tub labor
  • VBAC
  • Cesarean section

During Labor

  • Private birthing suites
  • Birthing balls and squat bars
  • Trained staff to help with positioning and counter pressure
  • Portable fetal heart monitoring
  • Intermittent monitoring
  • Beds with breakaway positioning
  • Skin-to-skin contact directly after birth
  • Initiating breast feeding within the first hour after birth
  • Rooming-in for bonding
  • Doulas permitted

Birth plans are not necessary, but if you and your physician discuss specific preferences for your delivery, we ask that you have that plan approved and signed by your physician. Your physician’s office will send it to us so we know your preferences on the day of your delivery!