During Your Treatment

No one is ever ready to hear they have cancer, but preparing for your treatment can help how you feel overall.

Depending on the type of cancer you’re diagnosed with, your treatment plan may include one or a combination of treatments: surgery, medicine (which could involve chemotherapy), and/or radiation. Each treatment requires different lengths of time in your doctor’s office or the hospital, so preparation will vary by treatment. Your healthcare team can give specific advice on getting ready in addition to these tips:

  • The Night Before Your Treatment
  • Sweater, comfortable clothes, socks (in case you get cold)
  • Something to listen to, headphones
  • Phone/tablet charger
  • Blanket, pillow
  • Something to read
  • Activities (crossword puzzles, deck of cards, notepad/journal and pen, etc.)
  • Refreshments (water, calming teas like peppermint, cookies, crackers or other snacks)
  • Lip balm, body lotion
  • Stress ball

No matter what your treatment plan, a good night’s sleep, plenty of water and a light, balanced meal should boost your stamina and energy levels.

  • The Day of Your Treatment
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Don’t forget your bag!
  • Insurance, ID, medical info
  • After Your Treatment
  • Get lots of rest
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Get fresh air, sunshine and exercise if your health team gives the go ahead
  • Check with your doctor before extra intake like alcohol, vitamins or supplements
  • Research your cancer and treatment
  • Maintain a relationship with a cancer-specific dentist to manage potentially painful side effects from treatments
  • Enjoy your hobbies – doing what you love can help you cope with treatment