Lymphedema Clinic

Lymphedema sometimes happens when your lymphatic fluid builds up after surgery or radiation treatments, and leads to the extreme swelling of an arm or leg.

If you are diagnosed with lymphedema after cancer treatment or surgery, your healthcare team will recommend you visit our Lymphedema Clinic, Baton Rouge's only lymphedema treatment center recognized by the National Lymphedema Network.

Our certified lymphedema therapists work with you one-on-one to promote optimal physical and psychological recovery and will give you information on what to expect after surgery, how to control edema, what exercises will help you, and how to prevent future instances of lymphedema.

We also have certified instructors for Healthy Steps' "Moving You To Better Health with the Lebed Method," a fun, therapeutic exercise and movement program that is open to everyone who has had cancer, radiation, chemotherapy and any chronic disorders such as lymphedema. To see a schedule of these classes, click here.

You may also find our lymphedema support group and lymph drainage massage helpful.