Mammography, a high-resolution x-ray of the breast, can detect cancer long before you notice symptoms. Annual mammograms are recommended for women age 40 and older, and for younger women who have a known increased risk of breast cancer.

We offer both traditional and 3D mammography– an advanced technology that allows your doctor to examine your breast tissue one layer at a time. Traditional mammograms are available at our Women’s Center on the Bluebonnet campus, the Mid City campus, and the Dijon Drive location. 3D mammograms are available at our Women’s Center on the Bluebonnet campus.

Having a 3D mammogram is similar to having a traditional mammogram. A technologist will position you and compress your breast, then take images from different angles.

The difference between the two types of mammograms is that the 3D exam takes multiple images of the breast in seconds, using low x-ray energy –decreasing radiation exposure to below FDA guidelines.

Because the 3D mammogram sorts through the confusion of overlapping breast tissues and does not identify normal tissue as abnormal, it has been proven to reduce your chance of getting called back for a more detailed exam by up to 40%. In addition, this type of exam detects cancers earlier and at a higher rate than 2D mammography alone.

If you are interested in this advanced technique, please talk to your doctor or nurse, or call the BRG Women’s Center at (225) 763-4631. At Baton Rouge General, we are all about convenience, comfort, personal attention and high-quality care. Traditional mammograms are offered at the Women’s Center, our Mid City campus and our Dijon Drive location.

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