Functional Fitness Program

The Health & Wellness Center offers a comprehensive Functional Fitness Program that works with you to decrease pain, enhance function and maximize strength and vitality. This program is designed to provide a seamless continuum of care following a physician recommendation or a rehabilitation program.

Following a referral from a therapist or physician, our team will evaluate you for postural imbalances, spinal alignment, levels of joint flexibility and ranges of mobility. The team will then design an integrated customized fitness program that addresses imbalances and deviations identified during your initial evaluation.

The Functional Fitness Program includes the following benefits:

  • 3-D postural evaluation which analyzes every deviation in your body from head to toe in inches and degrees
  • Arthrokinematic Assessment which evaluates the levels of flexibility in the major joints in your body
  • Osteokinematic Assessment which evaluates how well you are standing and how efficient your spine flexes, extends, rotates and bends
  • Results report identifying postural, biomechanical, and spinal imbalances so you know exactly, how and when to stretch, strengthen and train your body for optimal health
  • Customized integrated training & therapy programs to ensure you reach your goals in the most effective and efficient way possible
  • One-on-one training sessions with fitness specialists in the BRG Fitness Center

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