Functional Fitness Facts and FAQs

What information is used to determine your functional fitness training needs?

Evaluations from your therapist and/or physician are combined with information identified during the functional fitness evaluation. The data gathered from the assessment and evaluation allows our staff to see a comprehensive profile of your physical capabilities and limitations. This profile will be used along with your overall goals and objectives, to design a customized plan that best suits your needs.

How long does a typical fitness training session last?

A training session will last 60 minutes, and is usually composed of four distinct parts: corrective flexibility and mobility, corrective exercises, training and conditioning exercises, and cardiovascular/aerobic exercise. However, since every program is tailored to each individual, programs may vary depending upon your specific needs and goals.

What you should expect in your first few fitness training sessions.

Training sessions will be focused on continuing the progressions set forth by the referring provider. In addition, our staff will also focus on flexibility and mobility, and thoroughly review each set of new exercises with you to ensure proper form is obtained. Once achieved, you will begin to increase your level of difficulty/progressions until the program has been mastered.

Will you have to perform fitness exercises at home?

Based on your ability and commitment level, we will recommend specific flexibility and mobility, or simple corrective exercises that can be completed at home. These exercises are meant to complement the different phases of the program and may increase the effectiveness of the work completed during functional fitness sessions.

Do participants have access to the gym and its amenities throughout the program?

Anyone participating in the Functional Fitness Program will have access to the gym and its’ amenities only while working with a personal trainer.

How do you know I am progressing?

The Functional Fitness staff will carefully monitor your progress by thoroughly documenting each of your sessions in your file. This makes it easy for us to see progression and to identify areas that may need more attention.