Cutting-edge Therapies & Procedures

LUNA Fluorescence Angiography System assists wound care specialists in determining the best care pathways for patients and allows for visual assessment of blood flow quality to extremities and chronic non-healing wounds.

Ultrasonic debridement is an effective way to remove dead tissue and reduce bacteria counts.

Vacuum assisted closure (wound vac) is the use of vacuum assisted drainage to remove blood or fluid from a wound

Advanced wound care dressings are designed to treat more complex wounds.

Transcutaneous Oxygen Measurements (TCOM) is a non-invasive method of measuring the oxygen level of the tissue below the skin and can be used to measure the blood flow to the tissue, which is important for wound healing.

Compression wounds increases the pressure in the tissue under the skin and reduces swelling by moving the excess fluid.

Total contact cast are designed to take weight off of the foot in patients with diabetic foot ulcers and reduces pressure on the wound.

Engineered tissues is the use of a combination of cells and materials to improve or replace biological functions for the repair of damaged tissues and organs.

Orthotics are custom-made braces and prostheses are custom-made artificial limbs

Sensilase PAD IQ is a fully automated and quantitative evaluation of microcirculatory perfusion in the skin.

Skin muscle grafts are a type of surgery involving the transplantation of patient’s own muscle/skin