Arts in Medicine

Arts in Medicine helps patients focus on something other than their illness. It truly helps them heal.

Concert halls, studios and theaters are not the only places to enjoy the arts. Just ask patients and staff at Baton Rouge General, where the Arts in Medicine program was created in 2012. Arts in Medicine (AIM) brings creative activities to patients through media such as painting, drawing, arts and crafts, music and storytelling in a format that inspires hope and promotes healing.

Patient Services

Studies have shown that patients who participate in Arts in Medicine benefit emotionally and physically during their treatment. For instance, visual artistry, such as painting or drawing, provides a creative outlet for patients to express themselves and explore their creative sides. Music, which can be requested at the bedside, reduces stress and lifts spirits. Storytelling and oral histories allow patients to focus on relationships and unique life experiences. All of these activities provide a much-needed distraction from health-related worry and anxiety.

  • Activities we offer:
  • Painting
  • Live music
  • Drawing
  • Mixed media
  • Poetry
  • Crafts
  • Oral history

Our Arts in Medicine program also bolsters patients’ self-esteem by giving patients a chance to share their work with others. Many patient art works are displayed throughout the hospital as wall hangings and ceiling tiles, and a special exhibit of patient artwork goes on display every three months at the Manship Theatre in downtown Baton Rouge.

Arts in Medicine also brings the arts to staff and visitors through live performances, workshops and special events.

Our services are available to all patients and are just a phone call away. No referral is necessary. Simply let your nurse or physician know that you are interested, or call (225) 387-7040.