Sleep Center

Baton Rouge General's Sleep Center is designed to troubleshoot any sleeping disorders you or your family may face. Aiding people from adults to toddlers, our highly trained sleep specialists are here to test for, diagnose and treat disorders that may disrupt your sleep.

People suffering from sleep disorders are usually excessively tired during the day or have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. Many things can cause sleep disorders like stress and diet, but sometimes sleep disorders can be the result of a more serious underlying problem such as heart disease, breathing disorders or obesity.

Baton Rouge Generals's Sleep Center has services dedicated to pediatric care. This is an important service for the Baton Rouge community, especially as we are increasingly seeing a link between sleep disorders and common health risks such as childhood obesity and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD).

Retrofitted with home-like private bedrooms, the Sleep Center is designed to offer you a comfortable overnight environment. Most patients arrive around 6 p.m. and stay with us until 6 a.m. Sleep evaluations are completely painless and are basically an observation period. Certified technicians will monitor various indicators, such as your breathing, brain waves, eye movements and muscle activity, as you sleep. Following your tests, your results will be carefully reviewed by our sleep specialist and then sent to your ordering physician.  Your physician will then explain your results and work with you to treat and resolve your sleep disorders.

For more information about Baton Rouge General's Sleep Center, please call (225) 763-4335 or email