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Omicron Variant Brings New Symptoms

Omicron Variant Brings New Symptoms

You know what to look for by now – fever, aches and pains, loss of taste and smell. Those symptoms are always a reason to test for COVID. But as the omicron variant is blanketing the country in positive tests, it brings with it some new symptoms to consider.

In addition to the traditional COVID symptoms, keep an eye out for night sweats, sore throat and vomiting – all common symptoms being reported with the omicron variant.

  • Night sweats - Waking up drenched with sweat has become one of the most common symptoms in this latest wave. Even without a fever, if you wake up sweaty, take a test before you venture out.
  • Sore throat - In the early days of the pandemic, sore throats were widely reported but their prevalence declined as the virus mutated. Now they’re back. An itchy or sore throat is among the top three symptoms associated with the omicron variant.
  • Vomiting - Digestive system issues are being reported in those with the virus, particularly in those who are vaccinated. Nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting are among the most common symptom of the new infection. Don’t assume it was just bad leftovers. Take a test to be sure.

Regardless of vaccination status, if you begin to feel sick, your best bet is to assume you have COVID until tested to prove otherwise. While the symptoms may be mild for you, you never know how COVID may affect someone else.

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