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How to Apply

Pre-qualification applications for the 2019 CEA will be accepted beginning January 2019. All organizations seeking BRG funding must complete the pre-qualification application by February 8. Please complete a separate application for each program requesting funding.

Organizations will be notified of their pre-qualification status by March 1. Organizations that do not meet initial review qualifications will be contacted by mail, and organizations that successfully meet pre-qualification standards will be contacted by email and invited to submit a formal proposal.

2019 CEA Award Timeline:

  • Informational sessions:
    • January 15 (2 p.m., BRG Bluebonnet Conference Room 1)
    • January 24 (10 a.m, BRG Bluebonnet Conference Room 1)
  • February 8 – Pre-qualification applications deadline
  • March 1 – Proposal invitations
  • April 5 – Proposals submission deadline
  • April 12-26 – Invitations to present
  • May 10 – CEA winner announcement

If your organization is invited to submit a proposal, proposals should include the following information:

  1. Executive summary and organization overview. Briefly outline the history and purpose of your organization, current request for support, and goals of program. (300 words)
  2. Program details. Provide details about overall strategy of program, what services are offered and how the program will meet improve Baton Rouge in one of the following areas: social determinants of health, quality of place, or population health. (300 words)
  3. Target population. Describe the target population of your program. (250 words)
  4. Implementation plan. Describe methods planned to meet your goal. (250 words)
  5. Historical success. What were the greatest successes of your program in the last 2 years? (250 words)
  6. Challenges. What are the biggest challenges facing your program today and how do you plan to address those challenges? (250 words)
  7. Funding request. How much funding does your program need and how will it be allocated over 3 years? (500 words)
  8. Measurement. Describe how you will measure the success of your program. (250 words)

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Organizations must be registered and in good standing as a not-for-profit corporation in Louisiana.
  • As required by Internal Revenue Services (IRS) regulations, Agency/Organization must have filed a Form 990 with the IRS for the most recent fiscal year.
  • The organization must provide services to people in at least one parish included in the Capital Area (East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Iberville, Livingston, Point Coupee, St. James, Ascension, East Feliciana, West Feliciana, and St. Helena).
  • The organization must have a clearly stated mission.


  • Baton Rouge General will select a project to sponsor for up to three consecutive years with up to $50,000 per year. The project will be selected based on its alignment with BRG’s mission and its ability to transform Baton Rouge in a significant and measurable way.
  • Once selected, representatives from the organization must agree to present annually to the BRG executive team on their progress and accomplishments.
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