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Medical Records

Medical records can be sent to patients through email, on cd or printed. If your records are needed for continuation of care, we can send to other medical facilities at no charge. See below for medical request fees:

  • Email: Free
  • CD: $6.00
  • Printed:
    • 1 - 50 pages: Free
    • 51 - 300 pages: $20 ($.25 for each additional page after 300 pages)

To receive a copy of your medical records, complete the Authorization for the Release of Records form found below. Email your completed form, along with a copy of your photo ID to We will contact you within one business day after your information is submitted.

Medical Records Release Authorization

How to Request a Formal Copy of Medical Records in MyChart:

  1. Login to MyChart. From the menu, select “Sharing Hub” under the sharing section.

  1. Choose who you want to share your records with.

  1. Next, select the "Request a Formal Copy" option.

  1. From there, choose which type of records you would like to receive (clinic, hospital, or both).

  1. Fill out the following (required) prompts.

Once you complete all the information it will give you a summary of everything you entered and ask for your Consent, which is required for you to proceed.

Lastly, press “Send Request.” You will now see a notification indicating your request has been received. You will get a notification when your records are ready to view in MyChart. For questions regarding Medical Records through MyChart, contact 225-763-4500 or visit MyChart for more information.

To speak with someone in Medical Records, call (225) 381-6048.