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About Your Hospital Stay

Let’s face it, we know you would rather not have to stay in the hospital. But we are dedicated to treating you with compassion and respect and ensuring your stay at Baton Rouge General is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Things to know during your stay:

Complimentary Toiletries

Complimentary toiletries are available upon request. Additional items may be purchased at the Gift Shop located on the first floor of the Bluebonnet and Mid City locations.

Room Phone

For local calls, dial 9, and the phone number. When calling a hospital number from your room, dial only the last four digits.

Friends and family may reach your patient room by dialing the number below followed by the last three digits of your room number.

Bluebonnet - (225) 590-8
Mid City - (225) 387-7

Numbers to Know:

Arts in Medicine 7040
Chaplain/Pastoral Care 4697 (Bluebonnet), 7742 (Mid City)
Coffee Shop (Java General) 4531 (Bluebonnet), 6847 (Mid City)
Financial/Billing Services 1000
Food Tray /Diet Information 4261 (Bluebonnet), 7175 (Mid City)
Gift Shop/Florist 4059 (Bluebonnet), 7083 (Mid City)
Guest Services 4070 (Bluebonnet), 7748 (Mid City)
Hospital/Operator 4000 (Bluebonnet), 7748 (Mid City)
Housekeeping 4115 (Bluebonnet), 7620 (Mid City)
Medical Records 4180 (Bluebonnet), 7784 (Mid City)
Patient Experience 7911
Pharmacy 4693 (Bluebonnet), 7627 (Mid City)
Social Services 7738
Security/Walking Escorts & Lost & Found 4100 (Bluebonnet), 7741 (Mid City)

If you have questions or concerns during your stay, call Patient Experience at (225) 387-7911.

Free Wi-Fi

Select the BRGeneral_Guest Wi-Fi network. No password required.