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Frequently Asked Questions About Cancer

For your convenience, we have listed several questions that are frequently asked by patients and their families. Please know that you can call Pennington Cancer Center Patient Navigator, Christy Lofton, at 225-237-1600 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Recent Diagnosis

I've just been diagnosed with cancer and I'm feeling overwhelmed. Any advice?

A cancer diagnosis comes with a lot of emotions, and even more questions. We’re here to talk with you and answer your questions at every step of your journey. If you need to talk to someone, we are here to help. Our cancer navigator is here to put your mind at ease and even help you start your cancer treatment.

What can Pennington Cancer Center do for me?

At Pennington Cancer Center, we have specialists who collaborate as a team to ensure each patient gets the treatments needed for their individual case. Our physicians on our staff specialize in each of the different types of cancer, as well as different types of treatment.

What can Pennington Cancer Center offer to patients that they may not find elsewhere?

We focus on state-of-the-art cancer care right here at home, where you’re surrounded by your family and treated like a part of ours.

  • Comprehensive Cancer Program: Everything you need for recovery including diagnosis, individualized treatment options, support, rehabilitation and life after cancer.
  • Top-quality Care: Awards and recognition demonstrate our unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality care for our community.
  • Healing Boutique: A convenient resource for both cancer patients and loved ones, this shop features products for men and women undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, along with those recovering from surgery.

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How do I make an appointment with Baton Rouge General Pennington Cancer Center?

Call our patient navigator (225) 237-1600 to find out how to make an appointment or fill out this form.

Will I have to wait a long time to get an appointment?

The type and stage of cancer, any prior treatment and several other factors will determine when you will need to come in. An experienced cancer navigator will help you learn more about your diagnosis, answer questions and help you get an appointment quickly.

How long will my appointment take?

Appointment times can vary from patient to patient. When scheduling your appointment, ask how long your appointment may take.

Will I need additional testing?

After reviewing your previous test results, sometimes your doctor may decide you need further testing. If you do need more testing, you will talk about these at the time of your next visit and they will be scheduled.

Will I have to stay overnight for treatments?

Most cancer treatments do not require overnight hospital stays and take place in one of our outpatient locations.

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What type of cancer treatments do you offer?

Our expert team specializes in the full range of advanced cancer treatments, with a focus on providing everything you need to face your diagnosis head-on. Some of the major ways we treat cancer are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy. Sometimes you might need a combination of these. No matter what your treatment plan, you will have access to the highest-quality treatments right here in Baton Rouge.

Where will I be seen for my treatments?

Patients are treated in one of cancer care centers either at our Mid City, Bluebonnet or Zachary locations based on a number of factors such as the type of service needed: diagnostics, radiation, surgery, infusion, etc.

What does it mean to have a multidisciplinary team?

A multidisciplinary team consists of cancer specialists from a variety of disciplines and subspecialties. Our team also includes specialized nurses, social workers, navigators, dietitians, physical therapists and pharmacists. With a multidisciplinary team, we are able to provide the most accurate, fast and effective treatments for a diagnosis of cancer.

Once a patient is evaluated following a cancer diagnosis, our team discusses and develops a highly personalized treatment plan that encompasses every aspect of care. From testing to therapies or even addressing emotional concerns, the plan allows the patient to make informed decisions about their course of care.

Who is the best doctor at Pennington Cancer Center for my cancer?

We have more than 20 physicians who specialize in all types of cancer.

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Clinical Trials and Research

Does Pennington Cancer Center have any clinical trials or research trials available for my type of cancer?

Clinical trials are research studies with volunteers that test new treatments to see if they are safe and how well they work. These studies may also test new ways to find or prevent a disease, and have led to many new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. To see which clinical trials Pennington Cancer Center is currently participating in, click here.

Is there any way to reduce my risk of developing cancer?

Your cancer risk is specific to you and depends on many factors: your age, gender, habits, symptoms, family history and the type of cancer you are concerned about. Studies have shown that cancer can be significantly reduced by healthy behaviors: not using tobacco, getting sufficient physical activity and eating healthy foods often.

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