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Get Fab Abs in Under 10 Minutes

woman exercising

This quick and effective abs workout helps strengthen your core.

This quick workout will tone and strengthen you to the core, but it can be intense. To perform the circuit, move from one exercise to the next as quickly as you can while maintaining proper form. If the circuit is too difficult for you, slow down your pace or reduce the number of reps you do.

As always, be sure to check with your physician before starting any new exercise. Make sure to skip at least one day between workouts and pay attention to how your body feels so you know if you need to stop.

  • 60 seconds of high-knees: While in a standing position, place your hands out straight in front of your hips. Run or jog in place, tapping your knees to your hands. Ideally, your knees should come above your waist with every step.
  • 50 bicycles: Lie on the ground and place your fingertips by your temples with your elbows pointed out. Lift your legs off the ground and bring your right elbow and left knee together, then switch and bring your left elbow and right knee together. Alternate until you've done this 50 times on each side.
  • 40 mountain climbers: Get onto your hands and knees and lift yourself into a straight-arm plank position (the top of a push-up). Bring your right knee in as close to your right elbow as possible, then extend your right leg back and bring your left knee toward your left elbow. Alternate until you've done 40 with each leg.
  • 30 sculler sit-ups: Switch to a seated position with your legs straight out in front of you. Lean back and lift your legs off of the ground. Bring your hands together in front of your chest. Bring your knees toward your chest and open your arms straight out to your sides. Extend your legs straight again and bring your hands back together. Keeping your feet off the ground, continue to open and close your legs and arms until you've done 30 reps.
  • 20 mason twists: Starting in a seated position with your legs straight out in front of you, lean back and lift your legs off of the ground. Bring your hands together and place them on the ground to the right of your hips. Keeping your legs lifted and as straight as possible, move your hands to the left of your hips. Go back and forth to the right and the left until you've turned 20 times to each side.
  • 10 burpees: Get into a straight-arm plank position like when you did mountain climbers. Then jump your feet to your hands and stand tall. Place your hands back down next to your feet and jump your feet back so you're in a straight-arm plank again. If you're able, drop to the floor and do a push-up. Then jump your feet back to your hands and stand tall once more.