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5 Tips for Selecting the Right Activity Tracker

5 Tips for Selecting the Right Activity Tracker

With dozens of activity trackers on the market, how do you choose the right one? They all rely on the same core technology, but each brand has a unique design and function. Some target athletes and fitness enthusiasts, while others are designed for people who want to lose weight or tone up. Here are a few tips to help you choose the activity tracker that’s right for you.

  1. What’s your budget? From several hundred dollars to less than $100, figuring out your budget can help you narrow down your research.
  2. What do you want to track? If your primary activity is walking, hiking or running, virtually any brand will do. If your cycling, working out on an elliptical or treadmill, swimming or mountain climbing, be sure to select a tracker that can capture data for the specific activity or sport you do most, or you won’t get full credit for your active minutes and calories burned. If you’re interested in tracking your sleep, be sure to check for that function.
  3. How will you wear it? Trackers come in different shapes, styles and sizes. Some are small enough to clip onto your belt, bra or shoe, while others are worn as wristbands or armbands. Whichever tracker you choose, be sure it’s comfortable enough to wear all day ... and in some cases, all night. Only you know what works best for your lifestyle.
  4. Is the technology easy to use? Regardless of your technology knowledge, there’s a tracker out there for you. Check out the functions and set-up before you purchase. It’s usually pretty straight forward, but some people may find a few tasks intimidating. With a little practice, you’ll be tracking like a pro.
  5. Is it compatible with other devices and/or apps? Some trackers will let you send your data to apps and websites you’re already using. This allows you to sync your tracking information with your diet and workout so you can access everything in one place.

Be sure to read reviews on any tracker that you consider and find out more information on warranties and customer support. Good luck!

Jheri Corb

Jheri Corb, Certified Exercise Physiologist
Baton Rouge General Health and Wellness Center

Phone: (225) 819-1175