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Is Happy Hour Hurting Your Health?

Is Happy Hour Hurting Your Health?

We celebrate with it. We commiserate with it. We relax with it. But when does alcohol consumption cross the line to unhealthy or abusive?

One drink equals:

  • 12 ounce beer
  • 5 ounce glass of wine or
  • 1.5 ounce glass of liquor

So how much is too much? According to the National Institutes of Health, for men it's more than four drinks per day or 14 per week. For women, it's more than three drinks per day or seven per week.

Still not sure if your drinking crosses the line? Generally speaking, when someone continues to drink despite the following consequences, it’s a problem:

  • It causes physical or mental harm to you or your loved ones
  • It leaves you unable to take care of your home, work or school responsibilities
  • It puts you in dangerous situations like driving while intoxicated
  • You crave alcohol or feel dependent on it to function

Alcoholism is a disease that does not discriminate. It plays a role in so many health problems, including depression, certain cancers, liver disease, high blood pressure and an overall weakened immune system. It may sound cliché, but if you or someone you love is struggling with an alcohol addiction, talk to someone.

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