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Could Hair Dye Increase Your Risk for Cancer?

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Could Hair Dye Increase Your Risk for Cancer?
According to a recent study by the International Journal of Cancer, it’s possible. The year-long study followed more than 46,000 women whose sisters had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of their shared environment, genes, etc., studying sisters provides a greater chance of identifying risk factors of breast cancer. The study found that permanent hair dye was associated with a 7% higher risk of breast cancer in white women and a staggering 45% risk for black women. Frequency was also a factor for black women, showing a 60% higher risk for breast cancer in those who dyed their hair every five to eight weeks. However, researchers say don’t cancel that hair appointment just yet. The study shows the risk of breast cancer was lower in women who permanently dyed their hair in a professional setting, like a salon. The reasoning- stylists might be less likely to expose clients' skin to the dye chemicals. While at-home kits contain gloves, there is a potential for exposure to harmful chemicals through absorption on hands and forearms, inhalation of toxic chemicals, and residual toxins remaining on surfaces or in the air of poorly ventilated areas. Though the data is shocking, it’s important to note the study analyzes the association of permanent hair dye and breast cancer, not if hair dye causes cancer.