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Don't Let Dry Skin Win

Don't Let Dry Skin Win

Is your skin feeling personally victimized by the cold weather? During the winter months the humidity level drops (even in Louisiana), making it harder to keep your skin hydrated. When there isn’t enough water in the outermost layer of your skin, it becomes dry. Here are some helpful ways to combat dry skin:

  • Switch to a winter moisturizer. You need to change your skin routine to match the changing weather conditions. Find an oil-based moisturizer, rather than water-based, as the oil will create a protective layer on the skin and help retain moisture. Hint: Many night creams are oil-based.
  • Use less hot water. A hot bath can feel good in the cold winter months, but the hot, soapy water is actually stripping the protective oils from your skin, making it susceptible to dryness. Keep your baths and showers 10 minutes or less with warm, rather than hot water.
  • Humidifiers are your friend. The hot, dry air you’re blasting in your home and office is drying out your skin. Invest in a humidifier which will add moisture to the air and help prevent your skin from drying out.
  • Drink water. Hydrate, not just for your skin, but for your overall health.

If not treated, dry skin can lead to painful cracks in your skin, dermatitis, or even eczema. If your dry skin persists over time, visit an esthetician or dermatologist who can troubleshoot your current skin condition.

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