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Creating a Family Quarantine Time Capsule

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First choose a container – a shoebox or even a large pickle jar is ideal as you will want a small treasure you can keep safe and transport. Keep the box accessible during the crisis so items may be added often, but in a safe place where the memories can be secure and encourage family members to decorate it.


Things you may to include:

  • A photograph of the family (list names and ages on the back of the photo)
  • Screenshots of video chats with family members who lived away
  • Handprints from each member and pawprints from your pets
  • Your favorite memories together
  • Print out or cut up some newspaper clippings
  • Craft project or works of art
  • Copies of schoolwork with names, dates and ages
  • Pictures of your family in masks and gloves
  • An empty roll of toilet paper with an explanation


Interview your child - Have a page for each child, make sure to include their name and age
Here are some things you can ask them:

  • What have I learned from this experience?
  • What 3 words best describe how do I feel?
  • What are some things you are doing to keep busy?
  • What am I most thankful for?
  • What am I most excited to do when this is over?
  • Where is the 1 place I want to go when we can get out?


You also may want to keep a journal of day to day things and how they affected your family. Some things you might want to include:

  • How you celebrate birthdays, holidays and major life events
  • Shopping extremes, signs in the grocery stores and community changes
  • School closures
  • Travel restrictions
  • Games you play, shows you watch, activities you do together
  • Foods you prepare and eat together
  • Things you were thankful for
  • Music you listened to and books you read
  • What your daily routine looked like
  • Work layoffs
  • What your family’s financial concerns were and how you coped
  • How COVID-19 touched your family’s health or your extended family
  • New jokes, memes, and humor in any form

Decide as a family when you want to open it again and when you are done adding items, seal it up. Your family is making history together and it will be fun to go back and see what you added one day!