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Social Distancing Can Still Be Social

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  • Written By: Baton Rouge General
Social Distancing Can Still Be Social

First, let’s reframe the phrase “social distancing” to “physical distancing” – we can and should still try to be “social” during this period when most of the world is self-isolating. Everyone is in this together and even though we are physically isolated, it’s good to keep a sense of community alive, to check in on each other, celebrate, vent, or just to hang out.

You may have already seen a new trend in your social media newsfeeds. People are taking advantage of technology like Facetime, Facebook Live, Zoom, and Google Hangouts to host all kinds of group get-togethers. Here are some to try:

  • Happy hours – Raise a glass, and maybe throw a trivia game in the mix
  • Dinner parties – One friend can be the host and walk the group through meal prep; or each person can share what they’ve cooked
  • Coffee “dates” – Pour. Talk. Repeat.
  • Birthday parties – Sing along and virtually blow out the candles; digital gift cards – maybe for a local restaurant offering pick-up or delivery – are a great way to gift family and friends without the bags and bows
  • Watch parties -- A new Google Chrome extension, Netflix Party, makes it easy for people in different locations to watch the same movie on their computer at the same time. It even includes a group chat feature that allows chatty friends to share their plot theories in real time
  • Church services – some churches have been streaming their services for a while now, but with the Coronavirus situation, nearly all of them are now. And many are providing other support for their members via social media, like bible studies via Facetime.
  • Book clubs – This is easy to move to a virtual platform, and many people will have extra time to pick up a book
  • Workouts - Online workout communities have existed long before the quarantine. There are tons of workout apps and videos you can do from the comfort of your own home with minimal to zero gym equipment required. Peleton is even offering a free 90-day trial right now for their app’s live classes (more than just the bike – yoga, bootcamp, strength training) and the YMCA launched more than 60 free online exercise classes and youth programs. Share your workout of the day with a friend for a virtual gym buddy
  • Tik Tok – If you haven’t heard of Tik Tok, you’re living under a rock. But it’s not just for the kids! Learn a trending Tik Tok dance and challenge your friends to do the same. It’s a great way to get up and moving and you’ll probably get a laugh out of it too.