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The Party Must Go On: How to Safely Host a Kids’ Birthday Celebration

The Party Must Go On: How to Safely Host a Kids’ Birthday Celebration

COVID-19 changed a lot in our lives this past year. Luckily, with the roll-out of the vaccines we’re experiencing our lives slowly moving back to normal. With COVID restrictions loosening, you probably feel inclined to throw your kids a big birthday bash to make up for lost time. While celebrations can definitely be more robust than last year, it’s still important to take some precautions when planning your child’s party.

Here are some tips to make your child’s birthday celebration fun and meaningful, but still safe!

Think small to limit exposure. With the vaccine being available to adults and not kids right now, children are still at risk of exposure to COVID. Most kids only need a few friends to have a good time though. Instead of inviting the whole class, plan smaller gatherings with your kid’s closest friends. Rent out a movie theatre or get creative and organize a scavenger hunt.

Consider keeping it outside. Outdoor events are ideal and should allow enough space for proper social distancing for guests. Bring the party to your local park or cool off with an at-home swim party.

Mask up. If the party is inside and the proper social distancing isn’t feasible, masks should still be worn. Set these expectations in advance, but providing masks upon arrival would ensure everyone has one. Always remember to have a few extras on hand. Offering themed masks could double as an easy party favor.

Have hand sanitizer readily available. Keep it stationed throughout the party. Make cleaning their hands fun and have them sanitize while singing the Happy Birthday song.

Skip blowing out the candles. Instead, give the birthday boy or girl their own individual cake so they can still make a wish!

Switch up food options. Limit food served to single serving snacks, drinks, ice cream cups and cupcakes. Consider prepackaging cupcakes and cake slices in advance to help cut down on exposure to germs.

With a little planning and a lot of creativity, you can still carry on the birthday traditions you hold most dear.