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Tips for Nailing Your Next Virtual Interview

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Tips for Nailing Your Next Virtual Interview

With COVID changing the way many businesses do things, including traditional face-to-face interviews, many jobseekers are now finding the hiring process has become increasingly virtual as well. What is the best way to prepare for a virtual interview?  Try these tips for virtual interview success:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings before you begin
    Unlike in-person interviews, you get to choose the location and setting.  Choose a place that:
    • Is quiet
    • Has good lighting so the interviewer can see you well
    • Is clear of clutter around you
    • Has a neutral background so they aren’t distracted
  • Diminish the potential for interruptions
    Do your best to keep this interview the same you would as an in-person interview with little outside noise or distractions. It is best to:
    • Silence your phone and close out any computer programs that might set off notification alarms on your desktop
    • Let those around you know of your interview or need for privacy in advance to keep them from popping into the camera or from making noises
    • Make arrangements ahead of time for someone to help keep your child entertained or schedule the interview during their nap time
    • Secure animals away from your interview space and out of earshot of the microphone
    • Don’t hesitate to leave a note on your front door to keep any unexpected guests from knocking or walking in unannounced.
  • Practice with a friend on the same, or a similar platform
    If you've never been on or used a virtual platform before, take some time to familiarize yourself with the concept and download the software beforehand. Check out the platform it will be conducted on — or something similar if you don't have access. It's also a good idea to practice with a friend through a mock virtual nursing interview. This will also confirm your internet connection provides clear sound and video and helps ensures you don’t have any technical issues during the interview.
  • Maintain professionalism
    Treat your video call with the same professionalism you would an in-person interview. Appearing professional on all fronts will not only keep your interviewer’s eyes and mind from wandering and losing focus, but will also show your interviewer that you’re respectful of their time and attention, and that you’re serious about the opportunities they have to offer.
  • Treat a virtual nursing interview like an in-person interview
    You should approach your virtual nursing interview the same way you would approach an on-site interview. Your appearance should be the same as it would be for an in-person interview. Body language can also be tricky during a virtual nursing interview because your emotions won't always translate on screen. Be aware of excess fidgeting and keep nail-biting or constant shifting in your chair to a minimum when possible. Try to convey your emotions through your vocal inflections and enunciate your words. Be prepared and if you wouldn’t do it in person, don’t do it over the internet.
  • Follow up!
    As with any type of interview, following up with a thank-you letter is just as important after a virtual interview. Keep the letter formal and send it out either via email or as a handwritten note and not through a direct message on the call platform.