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New Research Shows Cannabis Prevents COVID-19 Infection

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New Research Shows Cannabis Prevents COVID-19 Infection

Researchers affiliated with Oregon State University have published findings that cannabis could soon be a natural alternative in the prevention and treatment of the COVID-19 virus. The study reports that compounds found in cannabis can prevent infection by blocking its entry into human cells.

CBGA, or cannabigerolic acid, and cannabidiolic acid, also known as CBDA that are commonly found in hemp varieties of cannabis, can bind to the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. By binding to the spike protein, these compounds can prevent the virus from entering human cells and causing infection. Current COVID-19 vaccines and popular antibody treatments target the same spike proteins that these hemp properties target in helping to prevent infection by blocking the entry of cells and help inhibit replication thus shortening infections.

Other ongoing cannabis studies are showing promise by focusing on the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids. It is well known that the COVID-19 virus causes inflammation due to the body’s immune response resulting in a range of mild to severe side effects, comorbidities and in extreme cases death.

Another study found that cannabinoids might help treat mental health and neurological complications of COVID-19.

So, while the use of cannabis is controversial and much more research needs to be done on the effectiveness of cannabis in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, preliminary finding are promising. These cannabinoid acids are readily available in hemp oils and extracts and have been deemed safe for human use. Hemp is not a controlled substance and has no psychoactive ingredients like THC found in marijuana. These compounds can be taken orally and can easily be developed into COVID prevention drugs.

These studies are by no means suggesting you should begin using cannabis or CBD products as a way to prevent or treat coronavirus infection. The best way to protect yourself is by getting vaccinated, boosted, wear a mask, and isolate if you have been exposed or feel sick.