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Obesity Linked to Bone Health Concerns for Men

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  • Written By: Angela Roy, Bone Health Specialist
Obesity Linked to Bone Health Concerns for Men

Obesity can have many adverse effects on the body, including an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, reproductive and respiratory issues, but obesity can have a major impact on bone health, especially in men.

It was once thought that carrying a little extra weight helped build stronger bones. The idea was that bones get stronger the more weight they bear. New research suggests that men with the highest levels of body fat have deteriorating bone density (osteopenia) and muscle mass (sarcopenia). Add in type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance for an even greater adverse impact on bone health.

Abdominal fat is more toxic than fat found on other parts of the body. It has the most negative impact on muscle and bone strength and also increases inflammation. Excess weight is thought to damage the osteoblast cells that build bone and the osteoclast cells that break them down. We know that bones are continuously renewing, being broken down and built up. Researchers found that bone formation was reduced in those with higher amounts of body fat and that bone breakdown increased at a rate three times higher in those who are obese and diabetic, leading to loss of bone mass and higher risk of fracture.

Maintaining a healthy weight affects all aspects of your health including your bones. A diet rich with lean protein, calcium, colorful fruits and vegetable, healthy lifestyle choices and exercise can help build and maintain strong bones at all stages of life.

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Bone Health
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