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Nursing Internship Dos and Don’ts

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Nursing Internship Dos and Don’ts

A nursing internship is a great way to gain clinical experience before becoming a licensed nurse. This hands-on experience provides invaluable insights, challenges and opportunities for growth. Nurse interns can expect to be paired with a nurse mentor, also known as a preceptor, giving you the opportunity to observe and assist with a registered nurse’s day-to-day duties. This involves helping with patient care, including hygiene, checking vitals and administering medication. We’ve gathered a few dos and don’ts to help you make the most of your internship.


Take Initiative

Actively seek out learning opportunities. Every day will be different, so be open to new experiences and be willing to jump into different situations. Volunteer to help with various procedures, ask to observe other patients outside of your rotation and even ask to visit other units to see their workflow.

Set Goals and Share Them

Before you start your nursing internship take the time to think about what you want to get out of it. Think about which skills you would like to improve on, whether it’s technical or your bedside manner, and share those goals with your mentor. Your mentor can then keep those goals in mind and give you the chance to practice those specific skills in a clinical setting.

Seek Feedback and Learn from Mistakes

During your internship, actively seek feedback from your preceptor and other nurses. Learn from your mistakes and use them as opportunities to improve your skills.

Build Professional Relationships

Your relationship with your mentor doesn’t have to end when your nurse internship ends. Establishing positive relationships as an intern can open doors for potential job opportunities in the future. Keep in mind that many organizations will hire former nurse interns who left a positive impression.


Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Asking questions is not a reflection of your ability to perform the task at hand. As a nurse intern you are not expected know everything. Asking for help or guidance is a proactive approach to delivering safe and effective patient care.

Act Unprofessional

Although this may sound obvious, and even though an internship is not a formal job, it should still be treated as one. You want to show respect for your fellow nurses and avoid things like being late, calling out at the last minute and engaging in negative gossip.

Take the Experience for Granted

Nursing internships provide a unique opportunity for hands-on learning and skill development. Avoid taking this valuable experience for granted by coasting through tasks or neglecting opportunities to expand your knowledge. An internship will help direct you to the area of nursing that best suits your personality.

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