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Four Minutes of Daily Exercise Can Reduce Cancer Risk by 32%

Four Minutes of Daily Exercise Can Reduce Cancer Risk by 32%

Lack of time is one of the top reasons people say they don’t exercise, but even the busiest bees can find a few minutes in their day! A new study in a leading oncology journal found that just four minutes of vigorous activity could lower your cancer risk by 32%.

Your first question may be, “What is considered vigorous activity?” The official term in the research is called vigorous intermittent lifestyle physical activity, meaning one to two minute bursts that could include a wide range of things, like taking the stairs instead of elevator, walking uphill, carrying heavy groceries on multiple trips to and from the car, or running around with your kids playing a game.

Physical activity is shown to improve the function of your immune system, reduce inflammation in the body, help you maintain a healthy weight and regulate hormone levels, all of which can contribute to lowering your cancer risk.

The new research is good news for those who aren’t physically active and may struggle with where to start or are overwhelmed with their options. The mentality to start small and keep it simple would hopefully lead to longer, more consistent exercise sessions. The current recommendations are 150-300 minutes per week of moderate intensity exercise, like walking briskly, mowing the lawn, or biking casually, or 75-150 minutes of vigorous intensity aerobic exercise, like jogging, hiking, playing tennis or a sport like soccer or basketball. Regular exercise is also great for your cardiovascular health, so working up to these recommendations is a great goal.

How can you get your four minutes today?