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Day Shift v. Night Shift Nursing

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Day Shift v. Night Shift Nursing

Hospitals are a 24/7 operation, ready to care for patients no matter the time of day. This requires hospital staff, including nurses to work in day and night shifts. When it comes to nursing the day shift and night each offer their own experience and benefits. We’ve outlined the benefits of each shift to help you decide which is right for you.

Day Shift Benefits

Fast-Paced Environment

Hospitals are typically crowded and busier during the day than they are at night. This makes working as a nurse during the day shift more fast-paced. Day shift nurses are responsible for completing a significant number of tasks and managing multiple patients’ needs simultaneously. For nurses who thrive in a dynamic and challenging work environment, working the day shift can provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in their work.

Patient Interaction

In addition to juggling a variety of to-dos during the day, working the day shift means increased patient interaction since more patients will be awake. If your preference is to work one-on-one with patients, working the day shift gives you more time to build relationships with patients and their families and provide patient education and counseling.

Learning Opportunities

Daytime is typically when most physicians perform their rounds and go over each patient’s diagnosis and treatment. Observing the doctors and asking them questions can help you grow as nurse in areas like maintaining a good bedside manner, improving patient procedures and other skill development opportunities.

Night Shift Benefits

Calmer Environment

For nurses who prefer a slower paced work environment the night shift may be the best fit. With fewer patient admissions and discharges, night-shift nurses may have more time for assessments, documentation and completing other tasks often interrupted during the day shift.

Team Camaraderie

One of the benefits of night-shift nursing is the potential for closer relationships and improved teamwork among staff. With fewer distractions and interruptions fellow nurses are able to build a stronger bond leading to a more positive work environment and increased staff morale.

Learning Opportunities

Like the day shift, the night shift also has its own unique learning opportunities. During a typically calmer night shift, nurses can take the time to study patient charts to learn more about symptoms, diseases, injuries and medications.

At Baton Rouge General we have openings for both day and night shift nursing positions. If you are interested in growing your nursing a career at BRG call or text 985-606-9061 to get in touch with one of our nurse recruiters.