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Medication Safety Tips that All New (and Experienced) Nurses Need to Know

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Medication Safety Tips that All New (and Experienced) Nurses Need to Know

Medication safety is a critical aspect of nursing, ensuring that patients receive the correct medication in the appropriate dosage and at the right time. Here are some key medication safety tips for nurses:

Follow the Five Rights of Medication Administration

  1. Right Patient: Confirm the patient's identity using two identifiers (e.g., name and date of birth).
  2. Right Medication: Verify the medication order and ensure the correct medication is administered.
  3. Right Dose: Double-check the dosage calculations and measurements.
  4. Right Route: Ensure the medication is given via the correct route (oral, intravenous, etc.).
  5. Right Time: Administer the medication at the prescribed time and frequency.

Maintain Up-to-Date Knowledge

The path to mastering proper prescription protocols is an ongoing journey that requires a dedication to continual learning and professional advancement. Participate in continuing education and training programs that will enhance your expertise and proficiency in medication oversight.

Minimize Distractions

As a nurse, working in a hospital environment can be full of interruptions and distractions. Studies have shown that these factors account for almost 50% of medication errors. You can minimize these distractions by creating a specific area in the patient care unit dedicated to medication preparation that is free from non-essential activities and conversations.


Medication errors often occur due to miscommunication and assumptions. Always verify medication orders and calculations, especially for high-alert medications. Use another nurse to double check when necessary and make use of technology like barcode scanning to reduce errors.

Implementing these medication safety tips can greatly reduce the risk of medication errors and enhance patient care quality. At Baton Rouge General we value our nurses and the important work they do like safely delivering medication to our patients. If you are interested in a nursing career at BRG call or text 985-606-9061 to get in touch with one of our nurse recruiters.