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Beyond the Chart

Beyond the Chart is an off-the-record conversation with Baton Rouge General’s medical elite. Host, Brogan Taj, pulls back the curtain to give you an inside look on what’s happening behind the hospital walls. It’s more than just medicine. It’s real conversations with real people.

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Season 2

Episode 14: Making Tik Toks and Saving Lives - January 19, 2021

We know Dr. Sanjay Juneja as our Chief of Oncology here at Baton Rouge General, but y’all may know him as @TheOncDoc on Tik Tok! We dive into what it’s like to be a medical content creator with half a million followers, how he got into the world of oncology, and much more!

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Season 1

Episode 13: Plant-based Eating in a Fast-Paced World - December 15, 2021

Plant-based eating, the potato diet and even fitting in alcohol - Dr. Gunjan Raina explains how going plant-based is not only great for your overall health, but easier than you may think!

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Episode 13: It's a Bones Day - November 22, 2021

On this episode of Beyond the Chart we sat down with Angela Roy, a physician assistant and head of our new Bone Health Center. Not only is she an expert in diagnosing and treating osteoporosis, you may also find her anecdotes pretty humerus!

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Episode 12: Rear Problems, Real Solutions - October 20, 2021

Dr. Scott Daugherty takes us on a journey through the colon in the latest episode of Beyond the Chart! Dr. Daugherty specializes in treating all kinds of colorectal diseases and isn't afraid to talk about them.

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Episode 11: Protecting Your Pumpkins - October 5, 2021

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and there's no one better to join us than Dr. Everett Bonner. Find out what led Dr. Bonner down the path of surgical breast oncology, how his life has been touched by breast cancer, and much more!

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Episode 10: More Than Just a Flesh Wound - September 22, 2021

What do hyperbaric chambers and maggots have in common? They're both used to treat wounds! On this episode Dr. Shaun Carpenter, a leader in the world of wound medicine and hyperbarics, explains everything you've ever wanted to know about treating wounds - from the simplest to the gnarliest.

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Episode 9: Get Your Taste and Smell Back - September 9, 2021

If you're experiencing long-term loss of taste and smell after having COVID, this is the episode for you! We’ve got Dr. Henry Barham back on the podcast and he’s got the insider information about how to regain (and retrain) those senses.

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Episode 8: Weighing the Risks: COVID-19 and the COVID Vaccine - August 19, 2021

This special edition of Beyond the Chart is a panel discussion about the risks associated with COVID-19 and the COVID vaccine. Our expert panel answered questions from Baton Rouge General employees and now we want to share the discussion with you! Panelists include critical care physicians, Dr. Stephen Brierre and Dr. Ryan Richard, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Candee Moore, Chief of Staff Dr. Louis Minsky and our Director of Pharmacy Dr. Raneesha Ford.

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Episode 7: Not Your Father's Heart Surgery - August 4, 2021

Dr. Antoine Keller is a Cardio Surgeon here at Baton Rouge General. When he's not busy opening up people's chests in new and exciting ways, he gives great red wine recommendations!

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Episode 6: This is How We Dude It - July 14, 2021

We're chatting with with Dr. Vincent Shaw about all things men's health - from old injuries to screenings and even a little sports talk! He's here to tell you why weekends are NOT for the warriors. Dr. Shaw is the program director of both the Baton Rouge General Family Medicine Residency Program and the Sports Medicine Fellowship Program.

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Episode 5: Skincare Secrets - June 29, 2021

Questions about sunscreen? Anti-aging products? Wondering about that itchy, red spot? Baton Rouge General Dermatologist, Dr. Azeen Sadeghian, has a passion for rashes and is here to give us the skinny on all things skin-related in this episode of Beyond the Chart.

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Episode 4: Taste of the Town - June 2, 2021

What does licking a strip of paper and showing symptoms of COVID-19 have in common? Dr. Henry Barham is here to tell us! Dr. Barham is a Rhinologist who pioneered a simple taste test that can predict how vulnerable you might be to COVID-19. (Spoiler alert: it has to do with your genes!)

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Episode 3: Let’s Talk About Sex - May 4, 2021

Hey ladies - wanna know if pineapple really makes everything "down there" smell better? This ones for the girls (and the guys who want to learn a thing or two!) We sat down with our chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Candee Moore, to get the facts about women's sexual health, sexual desire as you age and much more!

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Episode 2: The One Where We Talk About Robots - April 8, 2021

Not only is Dr. John Tabor the head of the Baton Rouge General Advanced Robotics Institute and a leader in the region for robotic-assisted surgery, but he's also pretty famous in the fishing community. We got the inside scoop on all of it!

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Episode 1: One Year into the Pandemic - March 12, 2021

Dr. Stephen Brierre is the Chairman of Critical Care at Baton Rouge General and was tasked with running the hospital’s ICU and COVID units back in March 2020. We sat down to reflect on what a journey it's been working through the pandemic for a whole year.

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