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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any burn survivors I or my family can talk to?

One of the best resources is the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, which is a national organization focused on helping burn survivors and their family members “get back to living.”

How long is a patient usually in the burn center?

The length of stay depends on the percentage of body burned, depth of burn (2nd or 3rd degree) and other medical complications involved (such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.). Typically, patients who experience a burn to a larger portion of their body can expect to stay in the hospital 1-day per percentage of total body surface area covered by the burn.

Will there be scarring?

Most second-degree burns heal with minimal scarring and pigmentation does return. All third-degree burns must be grafted with the individual’s own skin. Therefore, a scar is likely.

What can a family do to prepare for the patient’s return home?

Our social worker begins helping families plan for their return home as soon as they are admitted to the hospital. They discuss plans for the future and any special needs the patient may have.

Do I need to be referred to the outpatient burn clinic?

You do not need a physician referral. Just call (225) 387-7721 to request an appointment.

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