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Making Your Holiday Shifts Brighter

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  • Written By: Baton Rouge General
Making Your Holiday Shifts Brighter

The holidays are coming up and let’s face it, as a nurse, you may be working one of the major holiday days. Still finding ways to celebrate can make working your shift a little easier. Here are some tips to stay in the holiday spirit while working during the holidays:

  • Order a tasty meal for delivery or ask for leftovers from family for your unit
    I mean, who doesn’t love a good home-cooked meal?
  • Use technology to stay connected
    Find 5 minutes to FaceTime with your family. Seeing those smiling faces may just give you the boost you need.
  • Make plans for your holiday pay
    One benefit to working the holidays is the extra pay. Consider treating yourself to an upcoming vacation, and let those plans motivate you to head to work with a positive outlook.
  • Celebrate another day
    If you're scheduled to work on a holiday that you or your family celebrate, try celebrating the holiday on a different day, either before or after. No matter which day you celebrate, it will still be a day to be remembered with family.
  • Rock some holiday accessories at work
    If you can’t be home for the holidays, you can at least bring the holidays from home. Accessories can make your day a little more festive and help lift your patients’ spirits too.
  • Remember: You are Doing Important Work
    You are literally changing lives every day by just showing up to work. Thank you for all that you do!