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The Importance and Value of a Nursing Internship

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The Importance and Value of a Nursing Internship

Thinking about applying for a nurse internship? There’s nothing more valuable than the experience and knowledge a nursing internship can provide.

Nursing internships are the perfect opportunity to gain real-life experience while you are still in nursing school. They allow you the opportunity to perform nursing related tasks typically under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse in the hospital or medical office and can vary from technical to direct patient care. They also give you the chance to learn from the best teachers, those who’ve come before you and have experienced, first-hand, a wide variety of issues and problems and know exactly how to help teach you and answer your questions.

Internships also offer you the opportunity to interact with real patients and will help increase your confidence and familiarity within the medical field and the medical processes you have been studying. This experience will become vital when you eventually look for a full-time position. There’s a lot of things that can’t be learned in the lab or classroom, and this will offer you the opportunity to learn new skills.

Completion of a nursing internship can even lead to a future job. Many facilities will offer nursing students who have completed the program a part-time job at the facility while going through school and will use the internship pool to choose prospective employees. If you are interested in a nursing internship, consider starting the application process the summer before your senior year.

"I valued my time and experiences as a nurse intern. Choosing the BRG nurse internship was the best decision I could have made for my future nursing career. Being a BRG nurse intern provided me with fundamental, as well as cardiac specific nursing skills. I could not have asked for better coworkers. Alongside my preceptor, there were multiple RNs on the unit that provided me with education and direction. They were eager to share their knowledge, which allowed me to learn even more. I am very grateful I received this opportunity through BRG." – Luke Landry, Nurse Intern 2022, Telemetry Unit. 

To learn more about the nursing internship program at Baton Rouge General, click here or reach out to Siera Irwin at 225-267-7224 or by email at