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2024 Summer Senior Nursing Internship Program

The nurse intern program provides an enhanced learning experience that develops the skills critical to administering quality patient care in an acute care setting while facilitating a successful transition from the role of nursing student to a valued member of our nursing team.

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Purpose & Length of the Program

Nurse intern positions are available to a limited number of highly motivated and qualified candidates. Positions are available within Acute Patient Care areas for those seeking a challenging and rewarding hospital career. Qualified applicants participate in an interview process designed to place him or her in areas of nursing practice congruent with their career goals and aspirations. Interns will receive hourly compensation for all program hours.

Upon selection, the Intern will attend a comprehensive orientation. After Orientation the Nurse Intern will begin a 6-week concentrated summer partnership with a personal Preceptor in a selected clinical area.

How the Program Works

During the Internship the Intern and Preceptor will function as a team in the delivery of quality patient care. Interns meet with their preceptor and their nursing leadership sponsor for an evaluation regarding progress. The conference evaluation will provide proactive feedback that enhances learning opportunities and identifies any barriers.

Program Benefits

Upon successful completion of the summer assignment, Interns have the flexibility to schedule shifts with their selected home unit in a manner that does not compromise personal and school commitments.


Candidate requirements are established to promote a successful experience for both the Intern and the Preceptor. In addition to meeting the employment requirements of Baton Rouge General Medical Center applicants must be a senior nursing student in good academic standing and enrolled in an accredited program. Graduating December 2024 – May 2025.

How to Apply

If you are interested in more information click the link below to fill out the form and a recruiter will be in touch with you. Limited positions are available.

2024 Summer Senior Nursing Internship Program

Narenae Moutafian, Nurse Intern 2022, PACU


"I chose the BRG nurse internship program because I had been hearing about it since I started working at BRG in 2019 and wanted to experience it for myself. I had been to several hospitals throughout my clinical rotations at school and was familiar with many other charting systems, except for BRGs and felt that the internship would make me more comfortable with the charting system. I enjoyed working closely with one nurse and got a better understanding of how to chart per the unit's policy, how to receive and give report, and how to manage time effectively. These skills, although are taught in school, do not make sense until you see and do them yourself. My time as a nurse intern was rewarding, motivating, and a form of education that cannot be found elsewhere. The skills and knowledge I learned during the internship made me feel more comfortable with charting and communicating and is a great transition role to be a new grad RN!"

- Narenae Moutafian, Nurse Intern 2022, PACU
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