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Launching Your Nursing Career: 5 Tips to Get Hired as a New Grad Nurse

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Launching Your Nursing Career: 5 Tips to Get Hired as a New Grad Nurse

As you end your journey as a student in nursing school and look to begin your journey as a nursing professional, you may be thinking “now what?” While the idea of securing your first nursing job may seem intimidating, we’ve got five tips to help you stand out and get hired as a new grad nurse.

Polish your resume and customize applications.

Having a polished resume is key to landing a job in any field. As a nursing graduate you want to highlight your education (include your GPA if it’s impressive), clinical rotations and certifications you have achieved. If you were part of any nursing-related clubs, organizations or volunteer work, include them to demonstrate your dedication to the field. When sending out applications, research the healthcare facility you are applying to and incorporate specific details into your cover letter. This helps to show your genuine interest in the position.

Leverage your clinical experience during interviews.

During interviews, be ready to discuss your clinical experiences in detail. Share memorable patient interactions, challenges you've overcome and the growth you've achieved as a nurse. Be sure to highlight your ability to adapt, think critically and work well in a team. These skills are highly valued in nursing.

Seek mentorship.

Finding a mentor in the nursing field who can help guide you in the beginning of your career can be invaluable. They can provide guidance, share insights, and offer advice on job hunting and professional development. A great way to find a mentor is by attending nursing job fairs, conferences, and networking events to connect with experienced nurses and potential employers.

Be open to continuous learning and skill enhancement.

While you are job seeking stay updated on the latest developments in nursing. Continuous learning not only enhances your knowledge, but also demonstrates your commitment to the profession. Consider volunteering or working part-time in healthcare-related roles to gain practical experience and expand your network.

Overcome your lack of experience.

As you begin your job search, you may notice that many positions require several years of experience. It can be frustrating applying for a job only to be rejected because of not having the required experience. Nursing internships are a great way to gain clinical and patient care experience post-graduation. Letters of recommendations from a nursing instructor or clinical preceptor can help vouch for you that you can handle the job despite not having the professional experience.

The job search process can be challenging, especially for new graduate nurses. Don't get discouraged by rejection or lack of immediate success. Continue applying, networking, and improving your skills. If you are interested in starting a nursing a career at Baton Rouge General call or text (985) 606-9061 to get in touch with one of our nurse recruiters.