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Click here for the School of Radiologic Technology Curriculum Objectives and Graduate Competencies.

Outcomes Assessment Plan

Click here for the School of Radiologic Technology Outcomes Assessment Plan.

Program Handbook

Click here for the Baton Rouge General School of Radiology program handbook.

The Graduation Requirements, Grading System, Grievance Policy and Procedures, and Program Clinical Obligations are found in the most recent copy of the Program Handbook along with many other details regarding the BRG SORT Professional Program. These and all policies and procedures are reviewed annually and a more updated copy of the Program Handbook will be updated here on the website and is given to all faculty and students.

Program of Study

Required Prerequisites

Candidates applying for admission are required to complete 28 college credit hours:

  • Allied Health 1020 & 2200 (4 credit hours)
  • Biology 2200, 2221, 2230 & 2231 (8 credit hours)
  • Communication 1010 (3 credit hours)
  • English 1010 & 1020 (6 credit hours)*
  • Math 1 (3 credit hours)*
  • Orientation (1 credit hour)
  • Psychology 1010 (3 credit hours)

*English and Math courses cannot be remedial courses.

BRCC and RPCC Students: Click here for the prerequisite equivalent courses that must be taken.

Total Radiologic Technology Program Hours: 60

Level I


Spring Semester

RADS 101: Introduction to Radiography 2
RADS 104: Patient Care and Pharmacology 3
RADS 105: Patient Care Lab 1
RADS 110: Radiographic Positioning 4
RADS 120: Clinical Radiography - PD Skills 2
RADS 110L: Positioning Lab I 1

Summer Term

RADS 120S: Clinical Radiography 3

Level II


Fall Semester

RADS 204: Radiation Physics 3
RADS 210: Radiographic Positioning II 4
RADS 210L: Radiographic Positioning Lab II 1
RADS 220: Clinical Radiography II 4

Level III


Spring Semester

RADS 304: Imaging Technique 2
RADS 304L: Imaging Technique Lab 1
RADS 306: Radiation Protection & Biology 3
RADS 320: Clinical Radiography III 6
RADS 308: Radiographic Pathology I 2

Summer Term

RADS 320S: Clinical Radiography IIIS 4
RADS 310: Advanced Imaging Procedures 2

Level IV


Fall Semester

RADS 404: Digital Imaging, QA & Informatics 2
RADS 408: Radiographic Pathology II 2
RADS 410: Advanced Practices in Radiography 2
RADS 411: Seminar IV 1
RADS 420: Clinical Radiography IV 5

Academic Calendar

Grading Scale

Baton Rouge General's School of Radiologic Technology reserves the right to recommend for progression and promotion only those students who, in the faculty’s judgment, meet the school’s requirements for academic achievement, health, attitude, and aptitude for radiologic technology.

Letter Grade Numerical Grade* Quality Points*
A - Excellent 93-100 4.0
B - Good 87-92 3.0
C - Satisfactory 80-86 2.0
D - Unsatisfactory 73-79 1..0
F - Fail 72.99 and below 0.0

W - Withdrawal: The student withdrew from the course prior to published date to drop with a “W”.

WF - Withdrawal Failing: The student withdrew from the course after the published date to withdraw and had a course average less than 80% or was in clinical jeopardy.

WP - Withdrawal Passing: The student withdrew from the course after the published date to withdraw and had a course average greater than 80% and was not in clinical jeopardy.

*Minimum passing grade in Radiography 80 is the lowest passing grade. The minimum grade of 80 must be earned to successfully complete academic course requirements.

All courses are reported as whole numbers by grading software or gradebooks for passing or GPA calculations. All students must score a “C” or better in all professional program courses and a minimum 2.50 Cumulative GPA for progression from semester to semester and to graduate from the program.


The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) requires documentation of successful completion of an Associate Degree, in addition to documentation of successful completion of the radiologic technologist program in order to be eligible for National ARRT Registry/certification testing.

Baton Rouge General School of Radiologic Technology and Northwestern State University have an articulation agreement in place to aid students in completing this requirement. For more information, contact Dr. Laura Aaron at Northwestern State University at (318) 677-3072 or at and the Baton Rouge General School of Radiologic Technology Program Director at (225) 387-7157.