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Treatment Options

The type of treatment you need will depend on the type of cancer you have, its location, its growth and the stage of development it’s reached. Some patients will only have one treatment, but most have a combination, such as surgery with radiation therapy.

Cancer treatments and your body’s reactions to them will vary, so your healthcare team will discuss your best options for care and will explain the process step by step. Be sure to talk to your patient navigator at any point about questions or concerns.

Treatment Options

Your treatment plan may include a combination of two or three of these treatments, and each method requires a specialist in that technique. For instance, if your treatment required surgery, your cancer care team would consult a surgical oncologist, and if you need chemotherapy, a medical oncologist would be added to your treatment team to oversee your chemo and manage your care.

These specialists work collaboratively as a team to ensure each patient gets the treatments needed for their individual case. At Baton Rouge General Cancer Center, our physicians specialize in each of the different types of cancer, as well as different types of treatment.

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