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Delivery Day

Whether you have a scheduled delivery, or your baby arrives a little earlier than expected, rest assured that our Birth Center team will be ready for you. Our Birth Center is located at our Bluebonnet hospital. When you arrive, you may park in one of our designated “pink” parking spots located near Entrance 3. If you go into labor any time 10 p.m. - 5 a.m., press the “after-hours” button located next to Entrance 3 and security will let you in. When you arrive, make sure to bring a photo ID and insurance card for check-in. If you have prepared a birth plan, please make sure to have this plan with you upon arrival. Our staff will review your plan and work to follow your wishes. Birthing tubs must be approved by your OB in advance, so make sure to discuss your birthing plan with your doctor.

Labor Options

Whether you choose to have a delivery with an epidural or would like to use a doula and have a natural childbirth experience, we offer many different options to help manage your labor including:

  • Beds with breakaway positioning
  • Birthing balls and squat bars
  • Doulas welcome
  • Epidurals/spinal blocks
  • Intermittent monitoring
  • Nitrous oxide for pain relief
  • Portable fetal heart monitoring
  • Trained staff to help with positioning and counter pressure
  • Water/tub labor

We offer several types of inductions including, cervical ripening balloon, Cervidil, Cytotec and Pitocin. Fetal monitoring is required with all inductions and a wireless fetal monitor may be used for natural childbirth. Induction times vary per patient and typically decrease with each pregnancy.

We recommend that all our patients eat a filling meal prior to their arrival for induction. Once admitted, only ice chips and popsicles will be allowed until after delivery. For scheduled C-Sections, patients are not allowed to eat or drink for 8 hours prior to surgery.

The Golden Hour

Immediately following labor, we encourage skin-to-skin contact where your baby is placed on your bare chest. Known as the golden hour, this helps initiate bonding and calms and relaxes the baby. Skin-to-skin bonding can help regulate a newborn's heart rate and breathing and stimulate interest in feeding.


If you are interested in breastfeeding, Baton Rouge General’s highly trained lactation nurses are available to help you and your baby learn everything you need to know. Part of our commitment to caring for you and your baby is giving you full access to our Guided Infant Feeding Techniques (GIFT) Certified Breastfeeding Support Team during your hospital stay. We're available to answer questions and be your personal guide through this amazing bonding experience with your little one.

To talk with one of your breastfeeding specialists, call (225) 763-4127 or email


Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and babies need extra care. In the event a newborn requires intensive care services, parents can rest assured their little one will be well taken care of in our Certified Level 3 Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

  • 24-hour care with neonatal doctors and nurses
  • Full parental involvement in treatment plan and progress
  • Lactation nurses
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Speech therapists

For more information about the NICU, call (225) 763-4145.

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